Changing the Art of Chromakey

Corporate Broadcasting and Remote Conferencing

Reflecmedia has always been popular with corporations which broadcast to their workforce or to events, from in-house office-based studios, where space and light make conventional Chromakeying difficult.  Corporate broadcasters achieve highly professional production quality and seamless integration of multiple locations.

Adoption of remote working has been accelerated by the Covid 19 Pandemic and is here to stay as companies are finding benefits and efficiencies of working this way.  Making colleagues feel a valued and connected part of your organisation whilst working remotely is evermore important for their motivation and wellbeing.  Companies are using Reflecmedia to broadcast to colleagues professionally and to provide corporately branded video conferencing environments.  

In a similar way, Niche Content Broadcasters are using Reflecmedia Technology to broadcast professionally from space and light limited studios (often offices).  A common application is Sports Club broadcasting (including Premiership Football Clubs) who provide subscription based online and narrowcast television to their supporters.

During the Covid crisis there has been a huge increase in Educational, Health and Religious broadcasting as well as virtual entertainment and blogging.  We are delighted that our products are being used to support these efforts.

Optimising studio space and light by
Working with Ambient Lighting by Den Lennie, FStop Academy