Changing the Art of Chromakey

About us

Reflecmedia is a part of the Reflec Plc Group of Companies and specialises in the development and sales of Chromakey solutions for the film, broadcast, photographic, new media and events industries.

Our award-winning products have been adopted by the World’s leading producers, the BBC, CNN, MTV, Sky TV and ITN are included in the growing list of producers using our revolutionary products in their content creation.

Leading broadcasters, digital content creators and educators around the world use and trust our multi award-winning products. We build our reputation on our team of experienced production professionals who understand the industry inside out, so that everything we do meets our customers’ evolving needs.

Our Team

Our skilled team of qualified and experienced production professionals understand the industry inside out, from DV production and processes to the retro-reflective science that lies behind the core products. This insight is integral to our philosophy of continuous product development driven by evolving customer needs, because we’re committed to designing products that add real value by being better than any alternatives.


Award for Innovation in Media from America’s National Association of Broadcasters.

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