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‘In Focus’ is our online newsletter, which explores news and interesting applications of our products, as well as announcements and feature articles.

We love to hear of news and innovative applications of our products  from end user customers as well as from our international network of Distributors and Resellers.

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Danish TV2 handball player joins studio discussion via Reflecmedia ChromaFlex System

This recent Danish television clip shows how a Reflecmedia ChromaFlex and LiteRing has been used to enable a top athlete to join a studio discussion remotely.

The athlete appears to be sitting at the table taking part in the discussion. The keying quality is excellent and is achieved in challenging studio conditions.

Content creators continue to innovate with Reflecmedia products, and there has been an increased utilisation of Green/Blue Screen content creation during the CV-19 pandemic as industry experts adapted creatively to integrate remote contributors who were unable to physically attend studios during the restrictions.

Some of the best quality examples have been achieved in space and light limited environments using Reflecmedia Technology.

Our thanks go to:

Henrik Erichsen of Atendi a/s ( ) for proving this link.

DVStore Launch One Button Studio

Featuring Reflecmedia Technology, the One Button Studio turns any small room into a recording studio that anybody can use!

If you need to create video presentations, but don’t want the burden of constant training and tech support, the One Button Studio is perfect for you. You simply:

  1. insert a thumb drive & follow the prompts
  2. Deliver your presentation
  3. Pull out your thumb drive and walk away with a professionally produced video.

It’s that easy, day in and day out.

Inspired by the One Button Studio of Penn State fame, we used our A/V acumen to build out a One Button Studio Kit that is even more durable and reliable. It’s now easier than ever to purchase and implement your own One Button Studio! No more digging through a long list of SKUs from different vendors in order to piecemeal a system together. No more multi-day setups just to get it up and running. Thanks to the experts at the DVEstore, you can now purchase a One Button Studio with one click! The convenience doesn’t stop there, though. We offer full setup support and training so you can get the most out of your investment, without the pain of going it on your own.

“A very innovative technology that can be used anywhere because of the ease of use and high quality result.”  Melissa Marshal
Lecturer, Communications and Speech

Our thanks go to:

DV Store for creating and promoting this innovative application of Reflecmedia Chromakey Technology.

“People In Focus”

A tribute to Jesse Peppin

It is with great sadness that we report on the sad and untimely passing of Jesse.
Multiple relatives, cousins, friends, band mates, school friends, parents of friends, relatives, and co-workers have all confirmed what we already knew: Jesse was the nicest guy, fun, empathetic, wore his heart on his sleeve, and would give you the shirt off his back with no thought to himself; a real heart of gold. It’s hard to sum up a life that was cut short at 36 years young.
Jesse was a great  friend of Reflecmedia and ambassador for our products through his role as Sales Manager at Chromatic Distribution in the USA.
Some of our fondest memories of Jesse were at the many NAB exhibitions which we attended together.

The New Normal – the growth in remote/home broadcasting

Ideal for Professional Presenters, Music Artists and Influencers

Reflecmedia Kits and Bundles are ideal ready to go dual colour Chromakey Solutions for remote Broadcasting and Content Creation.

The ease of use, flexibility, accuracy, light, and space advantages of our systems makes Reflecmedia the ideal Chromakey Solution for achieving professional production quality remotely.

Contact us for expert help in specifying specific solutions for your applications and filming environment.

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Upgrade to a Dual LiteRing

Upgrade to our new Dual Colour LiteRing and make better use of your existing investment in Reflecmedia retro-reflective backdrops.

Reflecmedia products are well respected for their longevity and forward compatibility.  Many of our customers still use single colour LiteRings which continue to work well. Our dual colour LiteRings work perfectly with your existing investment in Chromatte backdrops and provide improved flexibility with instant color switching (between Green and Blue).  These can be purchased separately should you wish to upgrade to the latest Reflecmedia Dual Colour LiteRing and Controllers.  For more information contact Reflecmedia or your Reseller.

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CV-19 Additional Customer Support

The Reflec Team are supporting customers during the CV-19 pandemic. See the contact section and resources sections for help and support.

We are working in a Covid Safe manner and continuing to supply Reflecmedia products around the world.

Please plan ahead and allow a little more time than usual for International Deliveries.