Changing the Art of Chromakey

“Advanced Chromakey Techniques and Applications”

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Chromakey Master Class

Clips and tips from Industry Experts

Reflecmedia is a visual technology, so video presentations are the best way to provide training and to communicate the creative and commercial advantages of our products.  Our thanks go to the numerous Industry Experts who have used and reviewed our products.  Who better to explain our products and to demonstrate how best to use them? We have put together a selection of these videos for your convenience in the Master Class section of our website.

Flexible solutions for broadcast, film and content creation

Producers continue to innovate with Reflecmedia products.  There has been an increased utilisation of Green/Blue Screen content creation during the CV-19 pandemic as industry experts have adapted creatively to integrate remote contributors. Some of the best quality examples are achieved in space and light limited environments using Reflecmedia Technology. 

This recent Danish television clip shows how a Reflecmedia ChromaFlex and LiteRing has been used to enable a top athlete to join a studio discussion remotely.

An expert Insight into photography using Reflecmedia

The quality of the keying for challenging subjects like hair, lace, glass, and metal is amazing.  High quality and efficient workflow can be achieved on subjects that would usually present significant production and postproduction challenges.  The accuracy and dual colour workflow benefits of Reflecmedia make it an ideal choice for product photography for online retailers. As well as for static photography, our Chromatte material is often used as a background for producing turntable video clips, which are used for 360-degree video demonstrations.

The artistic and commercial photographic applications are endless.

Creative and engaging learning experiences

Reflecmedia technology provides unlimited scope for creativity and imagination, making our products ideal for fun learning experiences from early years development through to post graduate education.
The ‘Explore Further’ link gives just a flavour of how much discovery and enjoyment can be derived from Reflecmedia products, and how both educators and students are able to use them to hone their skills and attain immense professional and personal fulfilment.
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Events, Exhibitions and Tourist Attractions

We are all looking forward to Events, Exhibitions and Tourist Attractions reopening in the coming months.  Reflecmedia products are often used at such events and attractions to enhance the visitor experience.  High profile examples include our work with the animatronic bears at the flagship Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas as well as applications on Disney Cruise Ships, Harry Potter World, Hamleys London and at major Sporting Events.  Increasingly our products are being used commercially to connect with visitors to Exhibitions and Shopping Malls.

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Corporate Broadcasting and Remote Conferencing

Corporate and niche content broadcasters (such as Sports Clubs, Educators, Religious Organisations, Celebrities, Musicians and Bloggers) are increasingly using Reflecmedia Technology to broadcast and webcast professionally from space and light limited locations (often offices and homes).

Connecting remote audiences, facilitating realistic interaction and promoting wellbeing is ever more important.

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