Changing the Art of Chromakey

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Leading broadcasters and content creators around the world use and trust our multi award-winning products. We build our reputation on our team of experienced production professionals who understand the industry inside out, so that everything we do meets our customers’ evolving needs.

As you know, Chromakey – commonly referred to as blue screen or green screen – is the technique for combining two images, in which the coloured background from one image is removed (or made transparent) to reveal another image behind it. Used for decades in feature film, video and television production, the process remained largely unchanged until we initially launched our Chromatte cloth and LiteRing, followed by the development of ChromaFlex, ChromaFlex EL and BaseMatte.

Whereas traditional Chromakey involves a complex professional studio setup with a large blue or green screen background, our innovative range of flexible, portable, safe* and easy to use products mean that with minimal lighting and technical expertise, almost any location can be used as a virtual studio at a fraction of the usual costs – providing endless creative possibilities for digital content creation.

We understand that, as a broadcaster, you are interested in a diverse range of applications for our products and require detailed technical information. This section of our web site is tailored for you.  More techincal information is avalaible for download on our Resources page.  Video reviews and usage tips are provided via our Master Class pages.  You may also find our Frequently Asked Questions sections useful.  Our Products section provides details of our full range of core products and accessories.

Our products are well known for their high quality, longevity and forward compatibility.

Existing customers will be interested in our extensive range of LiteRing Adapters if you are planning to upgrade your camera equipment.

Our latest Dual LiteRings provide the indispensable facility of instant switching between Green and Blue keying modes.  Our LiteRing Controllers feature variable intensity settings which enable you to quickly eliminate the shadow, colour spill and halo problems that are commonly associated with traditional green screen.  Our ChromaFlex products provide instant backdrop options which are ideal for location filming.

Our latest Dual LiteRings are compatible with your existing investment in Cromatte material and are a popular and low cost upgrade for existing customers.

For further assistance and details of how to order, please contact our head office team (based in the UK) or one of our international network of specialist resellers who have a wealth of experience and are on hand to assist you in answering your technical questions and to help specify your order.

*All products containing Chromatte conform to BS flame retardancy standard BS 5867: Part 2: 1980

In-depth technical set up demonstration.
1 TO 3 – MAGIC “GREEN SCREEN” for Small to No-Crew Production by Jem Schofield (theC47) DP, Producer and Educator
This recent Danish television clip shows how a Reflecmedia ChromaFlex and LiteRing has been used to enable a top athlete to join and studio discussion remotely.