Changing the Art of Chromakey

“Proven and reliable, forward compatible advanced keying technology”

Expert: by Den Lennie, FStop Academy
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  • Excellent and Precise Keying Results

  • Instant Switching from Green to Blue*

  • Quick and Easy Setup

  • Minimal Lighting Requirements

  • Portable and Flexible

Chromakey (commonly referred to as blue screen or green screen) is the technique for combining two images, in which the coloured background from one image is removed (or made transparent) to reveal another image behind it.

Whereas traditional Chromakey involves a complex professional studio setup with a large blue or green screen background, Reflecmedia’s innovative range of flexible, portable, safe** and easy to use products mean that, with minimal lighting and technical expertise, almost any location can be used as a virtual studio at a fraction of the usual costs – providing endless creative possibilities for digital content creation.

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Reflecmedia products can be purchased separately or are available as convenient ready to go bundles.

Our proven technology is robust and forward compatible.  We produce a wide range of Adapters so  that you will be able to continue using your Reflecmedia LiteRing and Chromatte as you upgrade cameras in the future.   The accuracy of our process compliments ever increasing industry requirements for increased detail and definition.  An investment in Reflecmedia technology provides content producers with great quality fast keying with  long-term  workflow, efficiency, lighting and space advantages.

Widely adopted throughout the creative industries, Reflecmedia provides proven, robust and forward compatible advanced Chromakey technology.

Our Master Class features a selection of video clips which provide quick and useful insights into keying efficiently using Reflecmedia. Our thanks go to the many industry experts who use and have reviewed our products.

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LiteRings and Controller

Reflecmedia’s Chromatte fabric is designed to work in conjunction with a LiteRing. The LiteRing features Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) arranged in a circular casing that is positioned in front of the camera lens.  This provides all the light required to illuminate the Chromatte background for Chromakey production.

The LiteRing connects to the camera with a specially designed Adapter Ring, similar to those used for matte box mounting, which is attached to the inner thread of the lens.  The LiteRing is then placed on to the Adapter and simply locked with two screws.  This enables users to quickly release the LiteRing in between shots, or change from a green to a blue ring based upon their chosen keying color.

We have taken the blue or green color away from the fabric and completely removed the need to separately light the background.  The ability to change the background color in seconds cannot be achieved any quicker – no need to hang a different drape or repaint the studio walls!  Tungsten, HMI and Fluorescent lights can be large in size, expensive to power and uncomfortable to work under.  Typically you require thousands of watts to light absorbent Chromakey fabrics, whereas the LiteRing’s 10 watts output provides all the light required by Chromatte.

By relocating the color and the light into one camera-mounted device, we have significantly reduced the set-up time and overcome many of the difficulties associated with conventional Chromakey.

The LiteRing comes with both green and blue LEDs, and is available in three sizes to fit different size cameras.  Each size of ring has a series of Adapters to ensure maximum compatibility with camera lens sizes.  Further custom Adapters and fixing mechanisms are available.


72mm with Adapters for 72|62|58|52|43|37|30 lenses


112mm with Adapters for 105|95|94|86|82|80|77|72|67 lenses


147mm with an Adapter to fit 127 lenses

Dual LiteRing Controller (RM4251D)

The new Dual LiteRing Controller is built specifically for the new Dual LiteRings.

It works with both small and medium sizes, features a toggle switch for selection of blue or green light, variable intensity, an LCD screen which provides output and power usage information, and a battery plate mounted on the back for easy on-location shooting when AC power could be a problem.

More about Chromatte

Studio Drapes and Custom Solutions

Chromatte is a fabric designed specifically for use as a background from Chromakey production.

Unlike conventional Chromakey fabrics that are usually blue or green in color, Chromatte is grey to the eye in ambient light.  The fabric contains millions of tiny glass beads that act as reflectors, returning any light shone on them back to its source.

When the directional light from Reflecmedia’s lens-mounted LiteRing hits the Chromatte fabric, it is returned on the same path and back into the camera lens – as such the camera sees the otherwise grey fabric as a perfectly even blue or green background.

Lighting: Conventional fabrics require significant lighting to create an even color background, whereas the only light required to light Chromatte comes from the LiteRing.  This also means that any spill from unwanted light is eradicated and that Chromakey can now be used in low-lit scenes and sets.

Space: By removing the need for additional lighting, Chromatte takes Chromakey out of the studio and into controlled lighting environments – an office, meeting room or garage can be a Chromakey location in minutes.  In the studio, Reflecmedia solutions free up valuable space.

Time: Quick to use, convenient, great workflow, and fast return of investment.

ChromaFlex: Award winning portable Chromakey

With ChromaFlex it is easier and more affordable to take Chromakey production out of the studio and into any controlled lighting environment.

The results achieved using ChromaFlex are as good as those achieved in a dedicated studio, yet you can take your studio with you wherever you go!

BaseMatte: The perfect flooring solution

BaseMatte is specifically designed for use as flooring. It is Chromatte cloth laminated to a close cell, high density, resilient neoprene rubber base to provide a flat, even and non-slip surface. It forms easily to most carpets and solid floors. When used with ChromaFlex or a Chromatte curtain, it enables the camera operator to frame full body shots. And should an accident happen in the studio, it is easy to replace BaseMatte – unlike a studio floor.

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*   Using Dual LiteRing models.  Single color LiteRings are also available.

** All products containing Chromatte conform to BS flame retardancy standard BS 5867: Part 2: 1980