Changing the Art of Chromakey

Events, Exhibitions and Tourist Attractions

Reflecmedia products are often used at Events, Exhibitions and Tourist Attractions to enhance the visitor experience.  High profile examples include our work with the animatronic bears at the flagship Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas as well as applications on Disney Cruise Ships, Harry Potter World, Hamleys London and at major Sporting Events.  Increasingly our products are being used commercially to connect with visitors to Exhibitions and Shopping Malls.

Many events technology companies use our products within their applications, but some of the most creative examples have been produced by Video Booth Systems Ltd (, who are experts in custom installation and specialist projects, having helped the world’s leading brands to wow their customers.  The images below show our Chromatte and LiteRings being integrated within their amazing systems.

Video clips and images provided by:
Video Booth Systems Ltd (