Changing the Art of Chromakey

“An Expert Insight into Photography using Reflecmedia”

Tom Lee
Reflecmedia Photographic Expert and Adviser

Tom Lee has been working with Reflecmedia for several years to test and develop photographic applications of our Chromakey technology.  The artistic results and effects that Tom has achieved are outstanding.  Many of the images on these pages have been created in Tom’s home loft studio, with limited light and space.  The quality of the keying for challenging subjects like hair, lace, glass, and metal is amazing.  High quality and efficient workflow can be achieved on subjects that would usually present significant production and postproduction challenges.

Tom’s expertise and passion for portrait and fine art photography is clear.   Tom’s artistry demonstrates the advantages of the technology which directly translate to numerous commercial photographic applications.

Where an artist can enjoy investing time in creating the perfect image, in commercial applications the time saving, quality and workflow advantages of the technology provide significant advantages and a swift return on your investment.

The accuracy and workflow benefits of Reflecmedia make it an ideal choice for product photography for online retailers.  As well as for static photography, our Chromatte material is often used as a background for producing turntable video clips, which are used for 360-degree video demonstrations.

The technology has also been adopted by Wedding and Event Photographers.  The applications are endless.  For example, Reflecmedia has been used to provide good weather location images on rainy wedding days; it is often used for theme nights and prom photography; and it has even featured as the basis of a challenge on the BBC’s Apprentice series.

Video review by Tom Lee for the Professional Imagemaker Magazine

Over a 40 year career span, Tom has been a UK based international portrait and fine art photographer recognised for his expertise in digital image capture and has accumulated multiple international awards throughout. With a global reputation as a published author, he has written several books in his own right and collaborated with other renowned authors. He also writes extensively for the photographic press at home and abroad including ‘Rangefinder’, ‘Professional ImageMaker’, ‘Digital Photographer’ and ‘Focal Points’.

Tom is also a respected educator having given numerous seminars and sat on several photographic judging panels internationally.​ Tom has recently completed photographic exhibitions in Malta and London, with invitations from galleries in Rome and America.

‘From the outset of my career, I wanted to go beyond the simple mechanics of photography; in other words, not just the principles of image taking and printing. Albert Einstein once said – ‘Any fool can know, the point is to understand’. This is the essence of my fine art creations and I believe there is a spiritual connection that happens on both sides of the lens, starting well before the shutter is pressed. It’s this connection that I try and attain in all aspects of my work.’

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