Changing the Art of Chromakey

SKU: RM3251S
Small Dual LiteRing
Small Dual LiteRing (RM3251S) Front View Illuminated Green
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The benefits of instant colour switching  by Joseph Linaschke of
Reflecmedia changes the way you use Chromakey by Ryan Salazar, Broadcast Beat Magazine
Small Dual LiteRing
SKU: RM3251S

The Dual LiteRing is available in a new dual color format in small size, fitting camera filter threads 72mm and under. Each size has a series of adapters to ensure maximum compatibility. These specially designed Adapter Rings simply screw into the filter thread on the front of the lens and then the LiteRing is placed on to the adapter and locked with a single screw, significantly reducing the set-up time associated with conventional Chromakey.

This item is only the Small Dual LiteRing (switchable from blue to green), and does not include Backdrop or Controller.

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SKU: RM3251S
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