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SKU: RM4521

MicroLite is a lightweight adjustable cradle which allows a Reflecmedia LiteRing to be attached to almost any high street digital stills camera or DV palmcorder. It is sold as a unit compatable with all our Chromatte products or with either 8′ x 8′ Deskshoot Lite or 4′ x 4′ ChromaFlex EL to provide fully functional Chromakey facilities in a truly portable way.

Fits almost any high street camera
Easy to use
Light, small, practical and portable
Excellent value for money
Speedy set up
Reliable results

MicroLite Technical Specifications:
A lightweight universal camera mount consisting of a stainless steel frame with machined Delrin components
Single Green Colour LiteRing
Outside diameter 77mm
Inside diameter 50mm
Depth 18mm
20 specifically selected blue and green LEDs
Separate PWM constant current controller on captive lead
Total power consumption 300mA
Vertical adjustment to lens centre 38-85mm
Horizontal adjustment to lens centre +- 25mm
¼” camera attachment bush adjustable 25mm-110mm from rear of LiteRing
¼” bush on base of unit for attaching unit to tripod
Overall dimensions L160mm x W100mm x H125mm
Weight 200gms
Power Supply
Input 100-240V AC @ 400mA
Connector figure 8
Output 9V DC @ 1.6A
Connector 2.1mm coaxial
Weight 150gms

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SKU: RM4521
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